1.What is www.breakouttechnical.com?

It is a website offering guidance on the movement of stocks and Index of the Indian Stock Market. I have been providing trading calls based on technical analysis.

2.Why sometimes your recommendation to Buy or Sell differs with the recommendation by other technical analysts?

My recommendations are based on my own research and analysis of the market. Similarly many Institutions have their own expert technical analysts who have different perception about a particular stock or market. Sometimes opinions and perceptions differ between various analysts.

3.What is the best option when we have different perception on stock?

I leave that to the individual trader. To take up my recommendation or not is absolutely left to the discretion of the individual. However, I suggest that the trader to arrive at a decision based on the level of the accuracy of my calls and recommendations as compared to others.

4.Is there any guarantee that your recommendations will surely fetch profits?

Everyone is aware of the volatile nature of the stock market as it is affected by the external forces within the country and globally, as also due to sudden development in company. Any bad news negatively affect the stock price. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee gains in such a scenario and with my guidance gains are protected and losses are minimized to the best of my analysis.

5.What is the significance of Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis in stock market?

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are the two main aspects of stock market. Technical analysis is a method of forecasting the future direction of prices through the study of historical data, primarily Price and Volume.

On the other hand the Fundamental analysis is method of evaluating the Business by analyzing the financial statements, its Management and competitive advantages and its competitors and markets.

6.What extent these analysis can be relied upon?

It is always debatable which analysis works best. There are many forums and even textbooks on both strategies. Both strategies have been extensively used for researching and forecasting the future stock prices. It is believed that when both methodologies are used together, it gives a good result. So, I once again leave it to the discretion of the individual.

7.What is the BEST STRATEGY to trade?

As market is irrational, there is no fixed strategy that can be considered as “THE BEST”. Practically one has to adopt own strategy from his experience. With superior money management, adhere to cardinal rules of trading to let your profit runs and cut your losses short.

8.What kind of support and services Breakout Technical can offer?

My intention is to serve and guide the traders to gain more from trading. I closely monitor the live trend of the market during trading hours and give calls that include entry and exit levels to ensure high probable trades.